Visual Global Politics is an important new trend in IR pedagogy

From Clarissa Göppinger and Leah Philippo, Masculinity, Femininity and Race in Captain Marvel (2020)

There are a growing number of politics and IR courses that study visual politics, and use visual pedagogy.
David Shim teaches a course on Visual Global Politics where students make visual media – cartoons, photographic essays, films, collages, etc. – to do global politics.
To see the students’ work and Shim’s explanation of the course go to the course’s webpage.
Roland Bleiker is a pioneer in the field of visual IR, and his edited volume Visual Global Politics (Routledge, 2018) gathers together the field's experts to discuss the topical issues of visual IR. Bleiker’s Introduction clearly explains how the visual shapes our view of the world.
F4F was established by Andy Lawrence in 2009 to explore the potential for ethnographic and documentary film practice in cinema, teaching, and research. Now F4F makes documentary films, teaches and supports innovative research in international relations, politics, fine art, sociology, geography, anthropology, history, development and the environmental humanities, town planning, midwifery and medicine, environmental and human rights activism, NGOs, film and television, UX, marketing and education.
F4F is a global initiative that favors work in local communities. It evaluates the viability of its taught courses and project work based on their carbon footprint, and uses online tools to support people from around the world to run their own education programs and film productions.
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