In my classes, we learn together how to critically analyze important documents and creatively produce films that evoke different political experiences

William A. Callahan with a student of VIP in London

As Professor of International Relations at LSE, I teach Visual International Politics (VIP) and the Global Politics of China.
Although they focus on very different subjects empirically, both classes explore international relations in terms of a thinking/feeling dynamic that examines the power of official documents and the influence of popular culture.
The two classes uniquely use filmmaking techniques to appreciate IR as an everyday phenomenon: a 10-minute documentary in VIP, and a 2-minute propaganda video in the Global Politics of China.
In this way, students can engage in political ethnography to explore international politics as a personal experience: Miles Away, a film about the Hong Kong protests in 2019, was made by students from Hong Kong and mainland China.

Darren Moon (2nd right) LSE, Eden Centre co-tutor on VIP with students Victoria, Olivia and Jad (2020)

I welcome PhD applications from students interested in visual IR and/or the global politics of China.  

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