William A. Callahan - Specialist in Chinese Politics and Visual International Relations
Sensible Politics (SP) is an ongoing project by Professor William A. Callahan in the International Relations Department at the London School of Economics (LSE). It integrates research analysis, creative filmmaking, and teaching practice.
SP is now also available as a book, which won the Best Book Award 2021 from the International Studies Association, International Political Sociology section.
Callahan states, The project began during my extended periods of fieldwork exploring political ethnography in East Asia. This crystallized an interest in how images are embedded into people's everyday experience of politics and how images are recreated through their active engagement in political landscapes. The goal is to radically rethink International Relations to better appreciate the global politics of affect, experience, and the senses.
This website is divided between Research, Filmmaking and Teaching activities. Each section elaborates on Callahans journey from ideologies to experiences and back again through different but interconnected strands of his work. There is a list of definitive Publications for those wishing to engage with this journey through the many articles, books, and films that have emerged from it over the past three decades.
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